Feel the Thrill....      Adventure Canyoneering


Welcome to the Ouray Canyon Festival !



This year we will be  under the big tent in Fellin Park, adjacent to the Hot Springs Pool.

Rendezvous includes  canyon trips, gear vendor displays and demos, social meet and greet activities,  raffles, movies, presentations and other events made possible by our sponsors and those who register and pay their $25 registration fee.

Your registration fee includes:  your contribution to make this event possible, free beer at the social hour each night, participation in the raffle, and a catered dinner Saturday evening.  

More presentations, movies, a second meal on Friday evening, and a live  band are in planning stage and will be contingent on your registration and sponsor support.

Click here to transfer to the Yahoo Meetup Group where you can register.

This Canyon rendezvous to open to all but....

Participation on some  canyon trips will be restricted based on canyon difficulty and each canyoneer's  skills/experience. Some canyons will be restricted to experienced canyoneers,  and to members of other recognized associations and clubs (i.e. ACA, EFC, AIC,  FMME, FEEC, CIC).

Participant Events and Privileges

Some rendezvous events will be open to the public.  Other events and privileges will only be available to registered  participants. These include: non-guided canyon trips, catered dinner, free beer,  etc. To distinguish registered participants from the general public, wrist bands  will be issued.

Guided Canyon Trips

Self-organized canyon trips are intended for  trained/experienced, self-reliant canyoneers. Beginners and others who need or  prefer more oversight or instruction are encouraged to employ the services of a  professional guide. San Juan Mountain Guides will  offer special rates on their guide service during the rendezvous. Might be a  good option for your significant other who wants to try an easier canyon while  you go out on a more advanced trip or for you to push yourself beyond your  current comfort zone.

Guided Canyon Trips

Anyone who has  registered and paid for the rendezvous may post trips and allow others to RSVP.  From the HOME PAGE, click on "SCHEDULE A NEW MEETUP". It is a very simple and  efficient way to organize trips. All rendezvous participants are expected to  honestly assess their own skills to ensure each canyon is within your ability  and to assess their prospective canyon partners.

Rendezvous Fee

Online registration accepted through August 5, 2014  for $25

Click here to transfer to the Yahoo Meetup Group where you can register.

On-site registration: $45

Rendezvous Check-in

Upon arrival at the rendezvous, please chech in at the registration desk to receive your registration packet contaning info and wristbands.